Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's in a Name?

As we get closer to George's arrival, we have become more and more thankful for our families.  We both come from such great families, where it feels more like spending time with friends than anything else.  When we started thinking about baby names way before we knew if we were having a boy or girl, family names were really important to both of us.  We came up with George's name pretty quickly.

George comes from Clay's maternal grandfather, George Louis Zbinden, more commonly known as "Papa".  Papa has left this legacy in the Zbinden family, that when you're new to the family, you can immediately see the impact he has had on his entire family.  He loved people very genuinely with a love and respect that he had from his close walk with the Lord.  He was a wonderful example of Christ's love, and we are excited that George will share his name.

Picture of Papa when he was in the service.

Picture of Papa with Clay.  Papa loved to play Santa Claus at Christmas.

Elliott comes from Julie's paternal grandmother.  Mary Elliott Howell, known as 'Mimi' has always been a huge part of my life.  She was almost like a second home when I was young and would keep all six cousins as much as she and Jack could.  Mimi was a great example of how to invest in the lives of those around you.  She was so involved in our lives growing up, and we were blessed to have her with us.  Mimi passed away in May of this year, but George will always have a piece of her as his middle name.  

 Picture of Mimi- isn't she beautiful?

Picture of Mimi and Julie at Scott and Katie's Rehearsal Dinner.

We are excited to meet this little guy, and cannot wait for his arrival.  Three and a half weeks to go!