Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mother's Day: Seaside Style

My family decided to spend Mother's Day Weekend (and pretty much the week leading up to) in Seaside this year, and I could not have been more excited.  I really do love Mother's Day, and I was excited to spend the weekend with my mom.  We missed Scooter, KK and their kids (especially George- he got pretty lonely by the end of the trip...more on that later).

I'll just tell the week's trip in pictures.

I think I started talking about the beach a little too early this time around.  George had his binoculars out first thing in the morning saying, "I'm looking for the beach Mama!"  I hated to tell him that we had about seventy-five errands to run before we would start the five-hour-drive down to the beach.  So I didn't.  I couldn't crush his excited spirit.

After waiting ALL day, we finally made it!  It was just the two of us at this point, so I took George on a pizza date in Seaside, and then we walked out to the beach.

...or actually we ran out to the beach.

All of the waiting was TOTALLY worth it when I saw his face when his feet hit the sand.  Seriously- other people [complete strangers] were stopping to watch him be in total awe of the beach.  One might be surprised to know this was his eighth time at the beach in 2.5 years.

Anyways...after all of the excitement of being down at the ocean, I couldn't deny him a trip to the ice cream shop.  It is just so fun to get to let him choose whatever we want to do, and be on our own schedule.

 The next morning was absolutely gorgeous!  Saty and Erin got in town late the night before, and we were all on the beach by 9am.

 Our neighbors, Claire and Lindsey, were down in Panama City with their kids, so they came over for the first half of the day on Wednesday.

 George and John Grady played until I just didn't think they could play any more.

 Olivia, John Grady and George

 Saty might have the coolest beach toy collection I've ever seen.  The little green army men were a huge hit!
They were especially fun in the pool!

 Thursday morning Clay joined us- and we were all SO excited!  

 Towards the end of the trip, George kept asking 'where are all my friends?' because he desperately missed people his age to play with.  At the pool and on the beach he actually asked other kids to come play with him.  It broke my heart a little that he was lonely, but I was also pretty proud of him for asking other kids he didn't know to come play, too!

 I just love this picture.

 Erie and George

 After all the years I've been to Seaside, this view just never, ever gets old.

 Something else that never gets old, is getting ice cream every single night.

 Saty's indoor toy collection is pretty top-notch, too.

 George was quite the porch swing hog this trip.

 Clay and I even got to go on a date, just the two of us!  We had dinner at George's in Alys Beach, and it was such a fun night out.

 Friday night we went to Great Southern Cafe in Seaside, and then decided to go crabbing after dinner. It was SO MUCH FUN.  While we didn't see any crabs since it was still early (and frankly...I don't know what we would have done with them if we had found them since we had no nets), George just ran up and down and all over the beach.  It was just so fun.

 Running with the flashlight.

 Flying a kite with the best dad ever.  He is non-stop action on the beach, and it makes my heart jump watching them play together.

 On top of the world.

 Exhibit #157: Clay builds a ramp out of sand for George's trucks

 Pop and George reading about 37 books before bed time.

 Crabbing attempt #2: this time Saty brings a head lamp!

 Erie and George have the flashlight.

 George wants to trade the flashlight for the head lamp.

 Sunset over Seaside

 Our only family pic from the trip!

Mother's Day brunch at Great Southern Cafe.

This was such a perfect way to spend Mother's Day for me.  I didn't realize how much Mother's Day would make me miss Nan, but oh, how it did.  I look at Clay and George and my heart is so, so full.  Really and truly, they are more than I could ever deserve in this world.  It is an incredible blessing that the Lord has called me to be George's mom, and I am thankful everyday for the privilege to get to stay home with him.  

Since becoming a mother myself, I have become more deeply grateful for my own mom.  She is so steadfast for me, and she loves me so much.  She feels my pain, my excitement, and mourns with me and rejoices with me through each and every step of our journey.  She is such an encouragement, and source joy and light in my life, and I am forever grateful that she is my mom.  

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Picture Post

I've realized that I've been writing more on my blog, and have totally neglected pictures.  I know most people who visit this blog really just want pictures, so this one is for you!

Clay and I went to Charleston the last weekend in March.  We got to see my college friends, meet some new babies, and just have the best time in one of my favorite cities!
Kayaking on Shem Creek

Strolling through the Old Village

Dinner with Margaret, Amanda, Clay and Michael!

The whole crew on Friday night

 We even got to celebrate Margaret's birthday!

Oh, College of Charleston.  You are so beautiful.

The next weekend George was a ring bearer in Clay's cousin, Morgan's, wedding.  I wish I could upload a video of George at the reception- because he seriously danced the entire time.  He still brings up 'Morgan's party' and will ask me where certain people are now.  
He was pretty pumped.

And he did so great!

The weather these days is just so perfect for me.  Clay, George and I spent on Saturday kayaking and fishing at my parents' house.
oh.  be still my heart.

Simultaneous casts.

George's face when the lawn mower came on was just priceless.

He even got to [seriously] drive/ride on it with Clay.

Just before Easter Clay took me to the Nickel Creek concert at the Alabama Theatre.  It was just so nostalgic to hear them play live again, and I loved getting to do that with Clay.

Good Friday my mom had Rogers, Frannie, George, Cole, Ellen and William over to her house for crafts, Chick-Fil-A and just overall fun.

I felt like this picture needed to be on the blog.

I call this next section: George Loves His Cousins!

I feel like I need to keep this on my fridge forever.  I think in fourteen years these two might re-create this picture.

Easter morning!
George got a helmet, shield and swords!

He sat through the entire church service with us, and we were so proud.  A friend turned around and snapped this picture during the singing, and I will love this forever.

 All four Cochran boys!

 Bunny cake prep with Mama Zo

 Hank joined in for a minute- but he knew he'd get a piece either way :)

 They were so proud of their work!

 Everyone just has their eyes on the prize.

Easter Egg Hunt at Saty's house!
George had a hard time understanding that he could get more eggs if he didn't stop to open every. single. egg. 
Here, you can see that he ate ever M&M he found.

This might be my absolute favorite picture.  Clay was gone for an entire week for work, and this is the Friday night he came home.  George is just enamored with his dad, and I'd say the feeling's mutual.  Oh, these two have my heart.