Saturday, March 23, 2013


We are so excited to announce that George is going to have a little sister in August!  I can hardly wrap my brain around the fact that we are going to have a little girl join our family soon.  I knew this pregnancy had been so different than with George, but I just felt like we would have a little brother for sure.  Now George has learned that 'Baby Sissy' is who is inside mommy's tummy.  It's pretty sweet to hear him talk about Sissy.

My mom was so excited that she started to get out some of my first dance costumes- I can't wait to see Frannie and Nan playing in these costumes in the coming years!

We've named her Jane Ann Cochran, and we're going to call her Nan.  She is named for her two amazing grandmothers, who, no doubt, will have an incredible impact on her life in the years to come.  Since both of our mothers have unusual names (Zolinda Cochran and Satyra Howell) we opted to use the combination of their two beautiful middle names- Jane from the Cochran side and Ann from the Howell side.  I love that Nan will truly know the women for whom we named her.  Both of her namesakes are women of faith, strength, and selfless and unconditional love, and we pray that Nan will follow in their footsteps.

We ask for your prayers over Nan, and over us, throughout the coming months.  We ask that you pray for her health and development.  More than ever, we have seen what a miracle the Lord gives us in new life.  It is one of the greatest ways that He shows His power, His intimacy, and His sovereignty in this life, and we know that He is knitting our daughter together in His beautiful image.  I was talking with a friend about how parenthood can either be wrought with worry and anxiety, or it can lead to a new depth of clinging to the Lord.  We have learned more about the latter in the last few days, and Clay and I are so thankful for it.  We have learned that strength is not the absence of emotions, but it is seeking the Lord in the realness of those emotions.  And He has met us there every single time.  

I don't mean to be dramatic, but I also want to be real about what we've gone through in the last four days.  We are so totally in love with our little Nan already, and know that the Lord is very much present in our little house, in our little growing family.  We will be going to a follow-up ultrasound in a week and a half to see Nan again, and we are praying that she is continuing to grow in a healthy way.  We ask that you pray for her, too.  

The words of this hymn have been the prayer of my heart, and have brought me so much comfort.  I especially love the last verse, and love the thought that the Lord pleads for me, and for Nan.  

"God of my life, to Thee I call,
Afflicted at Thy feet I fall;
When the great water floods prevail
Leave not my trembling heart to fail.

Poor though I am, despised forgot
Yet God, my God, forgets me not;
And He is safe, and must succeed for whom
The Lord is sure to plead.

Friend of the friendless and the faint,
Where should I lodge my deep complaint?
Where but with Thee, whose open door
Invites the helpless and the poor!

That were a grief I could not bear,
Didst Thou not hear and answer prayer;
But a prayer hearing, answering God
Supports me under every load."

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Recent Shenanigans

I guess when I last left off, we were in the thick of doing a whole lot of this:

George had a fever virus, that led to a GI infection, that led to a double ear infection, that lasted for 8 days.  Never have I ever seen this baby so pitiful.  We did a LOT of cuddling.  Then we did a LOT of cleaning to make sure no one else caught any part of this awfulness.

We knew he was feeling better when we found him Swiffering the back of our house.
This was totally unsolicited, but very much appreciated :)

Still, we played it safe and had a lot of fun just the three of us.
Here, George is making an external hard drive into a phone.  
In case you're wondering, the only two calls he makes are to 'Daddy', and 'Woody'.

Clay was the most excited he was feeling better, and wanted to take him to get some 'Glad you're feeling better' ice cream.  George wasn't too excited about the fact that he had to share, but it was a breath of fresh air (literally) to get out of the house and be around other human beings besides the doctor.

Then George started eating real food again.  With a fork!  
Not sure where he learned this, but he absolutely loves getting to use his fork.
Here is George devouring grilled chicken, and roasted zucchini, asparagus and potatoes.  I know he did not get his diverse palate from me, as I'm almost positive I didn't start eating veggies until college.
But I'll take it!

Then he got to celebrate Mardi Gras with Saty and Pop!

Finally, it was the moment we had all been waiting for: PLAY DATES!
George had really been missing just getting to play with kids.  There's only a certain level of fun I am able to bring to the table with George, because he lights up in a whole new way around other kids.  90% of our friends have girls George's age, so he has lots of co-ed play dates.  So far, he seems okay with that.

 We got to meet our newest neighbor, Olivia Maddox!  Here, Clay is reading a story to George, John Grady and Olivia.  Claire, Grady, and I were just watching him multi-task oh-so-well.

 George and Lucy!  I'm telling you- George loves the ladies.

All-in-all, George is pretty happy with the way life is going these days.

We even got to go out for pancakes- George's favorite!

...and play in arcades!  George had a complete come-apart when we had to leave the arcade at New York Pizza.  There were some bigger kids who actually had quarters to put in the machine, so we felt like they needed a turn.  George was totally content to just play the promo-video that plays while it's waiting for a new person.  

Once we finished painting George's new (future) room, we were able to put the bunk beds together this past weekend.  George is obsessed!  He won't be moving in there for a while, but I think he is really excited about his new room.  
 If I still had a desk at work, this picture would be framed and on it for sure.

Playtime on the bunk beds.

Whew!  I am glad we are on the cusp of Spring, because I don't know if I could take much more of the wet, tepid winter we've had this year.  Next week we find out if baby #2 is a boy or girl- and we are so excited either way!  The more I look at those bunk beds, the more I would love a little brother for George.  Clay keeps reminding me that it's just a 50/50 chance every single time, and we are just praying for a healthy baby!

Here's to a healthy Spring!