Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring is Here!

 I just looked at my calendar, and it says First Day of Spring.  Luckily, it actually looks like it outside, too.  Maybe I've been so focused on the weather because I've come to the conclusion that I probably suffer from some level of seasonal depression.  Once Christmas and New Year's have come and gone, I'd just assume fast forward to Easter.

Anyways- the last month (since it's been a month since I've blogged!)  has been pretty sweet around here.  I figured the majority of people who read this blog really come here for the pictures, so, as usual, I'll just tell the story in pictures.
George has become obsessed with anything that has to do with Clay, and the outdoors.  
If you combine the two, it's just sort of euphoria for George.  Here- Clay is teaching George how to cut wood.  I was doing some cooking inside when I looked out to see this sight.  It just about took my breath away.

One of George's favorite things to do is pick up sticks outside.  
He must get that from his Great Aunt Marianne!

George is REALLY into playing independently.  Sometimes when I'll try to play with him he will (literally) say "Mommy, you go do the laundry please."
I love how quirky he is when he plays- he loves order and lines, and then he loves crashing everything with a big monster truck.  I love seeing his creativity

I worry about his teenage years that I'll lose his social skills to a book.

We went to A LOT of birthday parties.  
I am 100% positive that this picture will be in his rehearsal dinner slideshow.

We've been to the zoo a gazillion times and he loves sticking his head through these things.

George has become pretty fascinated with cooking with me.  He found this apron that my mom gave Clay for Christmas this past year and HAS to be Superman when we cook.  I guess that makes it more manly for him?

He helped me make these Nutella Rice Krispie Treats and really was such a fun helper!
I cute is he in that little apron?

I just love when he gets a haircut in the barber shop.

We've played with Carly, Laney and Billy a LOT.  I'm pretty sure George loves them as his friends because they're hilarious and cute and giggly.  But also, their mom, Mivvi, comes up with the most fun things to do ever!  Here we are at Chick-Fil-A after we went to Airwalk.  Airwalk is just a huge room that is one continuous trampoline separated by gymnastic mats and a foam pit.
This day ended with a 4+ hour nap.
It was glorious!

There are few things that Clay and I have enjoyed more than watching George really develop friendships.  He remembers things they do that make him laugh.  He loves to anticipate playing with his friends.  And as much as a two year old is able to, he really loves his friends.
We continue to pray for his friends in his life, that George will be surrounded by good friends, and that he will be a light for the Lord among his friends.  It's encouraging to see seeds of this in his early years.

We did the Rumpshaker 5K last weekend in honor of my sweetest aunt, Marianne!
George LOVED being in a real race.  It was a great day for a race, and just a fun way to honor my aunt who always does so much for everyone else.
We love you MaeMae!

While George slept the afternoon away after the race, Clay did something he's never done before.
He went to Bass Pro Shop to buy something FUN for himself.  I was so happy for him.  He has been talking about getting a kayak for so, so long, and he finally did it!

We took it to Saty and Pop's house to take it for a test run.

I couldn't tell who was more excited between Clay or George, but it just about melted me into a puddle to see them enjoying it together.  I'm going to borrow Saty's kayak on Saturday and the three of us are going down part of the Cahaba River in the morning.  Pictures to come!

This week we played with my cousin, Anna, and her three kids.

We made a tye-dye cake and the kids thought it was about the coolest thing they'd ever seen.

I'm not sure these three stopped giggling the entire time we were there.

Finally getting to taste the fruits of their labors.

Yesterday, George turned two-and-a-half.  I know that's not normally hyphenated, I just had to hyphenate it to make it as dramatic as it felt to me.  In my mind, he's still this wobbly little babe.

First real haircut circa March 2012

 Or this bright-eyed-early-riser on his first Easter (April 2012)

 Or my smiley little snuggler
(thank goodness he still snuggles!)

Or when he used to run figure-eights around my legs while I got ready for church

Or the kid who thought riding on the train at the zoo was the greatest thrill in this life

Or this time last year, when he was still sleeping in a crib.
And Woody was his one and only best friend.

Oh, goodness.  I am forever thankful for my days with you, George. 

Today, March 20, is the most special day for me.  It was the first time we ever saw Nan's face, and it's the day we named her Nan.  This time last year, Clay and I were sorting through a lot of unknowns.  And now everything is known.  Our life looks completely different than I thought it would by now, and the Lord is teaching me that He is enough.  He is teaching me that in suffering He reveals His glory.  He is showing me that while I will never 'get over' the loss of Nan, there is real healing in Him.  Time does not heal me- the Lord is faithful to heal.  I am eagerly anticipating the Day when He makes all things new.

I don't share this to make anyone sad, but I share this to remember that the Lord had great purpose for our Nan.  Her life had an eternal purpose and has forever tethered my heart to the Lord's, and I know she has shown the Lord's glory to so many others.  Clay and I have been comforted by the Lord, and are encouraged by the fruits of our suffering.  We see seeds of faith in George because of Nan.  And we thank the Lord for her impact every day.

 "Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides You, who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him."  Isaiah 64:4