Monday, March 16, 2015

Seven Weeks

Almost seven weeks in, we've decided that Billy is a pretty great baby.  
I think we'll keep him.  
(Actually, I can't joke about that, because George still asks daily if we do, in fact, get to keep 'Bebo'). 

So, things are chugging along as we start a new week in the newborn fog phase.  Billy is a great sleeper.  Next to his sweetest toothless grin, his ability to, and seeming love of, sleep is my favorite thing about him.  

George is still completely infatuated with his baby brother.  I wonder sometimes if his head might actually explode when Billy laughs at George, or dare I even think about the day he talks to his big brother?!  My heart melts at the thought of it.  

Clay and I have prayed a lot about the friendship between George and Billy.  We tell George all the time how big of a blessing it is to get to have a brother, and that there are a lot of people who don't get to have a brother.  We want our children to value and appreciate each other.  I know they'll fight and make each other cry.  I know they will drive each other crazy.  But, I will never stop praying for our children to be friends with each other.  That they would be each other's biggest encourager.  Not only that they would do this in our house, but as they grow up and navigate life in this world.

Anyways, we took some newborn pictures when Billy was just seven days old.  In retrospect, maybe I wouldn't have chosen to do these pictures on Clay's third day at his new job, or as George is still learning his own strength around his delicate baby brother.  But...we did them anyways.  Bryan Johnson did them, and we got some really sweet pictures of the four of us (or some combination of the four of us).  Here are a few of my favorites...

Two weeks ago, Clay and I took Billy down to Monroeville to meet my sweetest Aunt Marianne.  We had the best time visiting- and could have stayed all night catching up and reminiscing.  I hope Billy knows how lucky he is to be a Howell, and to have such incredible people to share his name.

Everybody loves Uncle Ed!

Oh, Billy, I actually think you do know how loved you are by the three of us.  And maybe that's why you sleep so much.  Maybe you hope that if your eyes are closed, George might not hover over you, or I might not pick you up and cuddle you and kiss all over you.  But...we all do it anyways.  You have made our family taste the redemptive love of Christ in a real and tangible way.  And you've reminded our hearts what real, deep joy feels like again.

Happy 7 weeks, Billy!

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